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The leading provider of landscaping services for businesses in Phoenix, Arizona. We specialize in creating and maintaining beautiful, sustainable landscapes that enhance the appeal and value of commercial properties.

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Why Choose Keepers Landscape?

As a local, family-owned business, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities of landscaping in Phoenix’s desert environment. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to delivering exceptional service tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Sustainability is at Our Core

At Keepers Landscape, we’re committed to sustainability. We incorporate native plant species and efficient irrigation systems into our designs, helping to conserve water and support local ecosystems. Our goal is to create landscapes that are as sustainable as beautiful.

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Our Services

We provide landscape maintenance for facilities of every size, from small offices to multi-story buildings. Our services include:

✅ Regular inspections to ensure no detail is overlooked
✅ Trimming and pruning to maintain healthy growth and aesthetic appeal
✅ Efficient irrigation systems to ensure your plants receive sufficient water
✅ Weed control strategies to keep invasive plants at bay
✅ Installation and repair of sprinkler drip systems
✅ Planting of shrubs and re-seeding of lawns
✅ Tree trimming services

Commercial Landscape Maintenance FAQs

The frequency of landscaping services in Arizona depends on various factors such as the type of plants, the season, and the specific needs of your landscape. However, as a general guideline, it’s recommended to have your landscaper come once every week or two. If you have grass in most or part of your landscaping, you will want to service at least every 2 weeks so that the turf does not get too long in between visits. Weekly mowing is even better but not always necessary if only part of your landscape consists of grass. During the summer, your grass will start to grow more rapidly, and weekly mowing may be necessary. Remember, each landscape is unique and may require a customized maintenance schedule.

Given Phoenix’s arid desert climate, it’s advisable to choose drought-tolerant plant species that can thrive with minimal water. Native plants such as cacti, succulents, agaves, and yuccas are excellent choices. These hardy plants withstand the heat and add unique aesthetic appeal to your commercial landscape.

We implement innovative irrigation technology to optimize water distribution while minimizing waste. Drip irrigation systems are particularly effective in this arid region as they deliver water directly to the roots, reducing evaporation and runoff. We also incorporate sensors into our irrigation system to measure the moisture levels and adjust watering schedules accordingly.

Keepers Commercial Cleaning offers a wide range of services including janitorial services, carpet cleaning, floor care services, window washing, and more. We can customize our services to meet your specific needs.

We implement effective weed control strategies to maintain a pristine commercial landscape. This includes preventive measures such as mulch or ground cover plants that suppress weed growth by blocking sunlight. For existing weeds, manual removal is often necessary, and for larger infestations or stubborn weeds, we may use herbicides designed specifically for desert landscapes.

While winters in Phoenix are relatively mild, occasional frost can still pose risks to sensitive plants. We take proactive measures to protect your commercial landscape during winter, such as installing frost cloths over susceptible plants when freezing temperatures are forecasted overnight. We also understand microclimates within your landscape and strategically place plants in locations with warmer microclimates for extra warmth and shelter from cold winds.

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AZ Commercial Landscaping Services

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We will meet with you to discuss our commercial Landscaping services and how Keepers Commercial Landscaping can help your company.

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Our Happy Customers

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Wes whitfield
Wes Whitfield
Keepers Commercial Cleaning is fantastic, they are so willing to custom fit their service to the needs of the client. I would recommend keepers for all you cleaning needs.
Genesis carvajal
Genesis Carvajal
Keepers is an amazing company! The people are so friendly and professional!!! 10/10 recommend
Brittany allyn
Brittany Allyn
We have been using Keepers for a little over a month and have been very pleased. We met several times before making the decision to switch cleaning companies. I feel they accurately assessed our needs and accommodated the specific schedule we requested for our day porter and night crew. They were able to find a perfect fit! The day porter is very professional, always neat in appearance, punctual and takes pride in her work. Her husband cleans with her at night and together they keep our building in great shape. Everyone has been quick to respond and good with follow up. I am glad we made the decision to switch to Keepers!
Hanna emery
Hanna Emery
Keepers has been great for our medical practice. They are responsive to issues that arise and are affordable.
Carissa mendez
Carissa Mendez
Cutter Aviation absolutely loves Norma with Keepers Commercial Cleaning. She is very attentive to detail, friendly, professional, punctual, and is always smiling. We are completely satisfied with the services we are being provided and highly recommend.
Miguel madera
miguel madera
Just started having the company clean our office. So far, so good
Desiree atkins
Desiree Atkins
OfficeKeepers cleans our Pediatric Urgent Care and does an amazing job. They are professional and consistent. The floors always look amazing which is tough when you have the amount of kids coming thru on a daily basis. Their customer service is top notch which is hard to find these days. Prices are reasonable and the cleaning products they use are great. They work around our schedule and clean when no one is in the office. If you are looking for someone to clean your business OfficeKeepers is your company. We are so thankful for their partnership and look forward to continuing doing business with them in the future!
Mariah gibbons
Mariah Gibbons
Love love love this company! Everyone there is amazing and gets the job done right! Highly recommend 👍
Shannon spilo
Shannon Spilo
Excellent and consistent service. We have a very modern office with a lot of WHITE surfaces and they keep it spotless.
Knc contracting
KNC Contracting
The cleaning staff is wonderful! Always very thorough and professional. The office staff are fantastic too. Would recommend this service to anyone.

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Onboarding is seamless from our website to servicing your company. We minimize back and forth and focus on what is essential right now.


Constant Feedback

Our supervisors check in and visit every customer day and night. We ask for service feedback monthly. We are refining our craft constantly.


Purpose Driven

Our staff has a clear purpose, and we are driven to take care of our customers, getting to know their needs inside out.

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Detailed Planning

We work with you to create a detailed scope of work specific to your facility. Our plan will provide clear guidelines and will be updated when needed.


Local Business

We are an independent janitorial business serving our local customers. We are proud to have serviced over 600 customers in 14 years.


Extensive Training

Our crews are trained for proper systems, protocols, chemicals, and equipment use.

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